Thursday, April 07, 2005

the sweet karma of baseball...i hate Kent! Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

"Its Crack, bitch!"

"we both slept with Derek Jeter!" Posted by Hello

This is the Fat Joe, aka Joe Crack that i have grown to love...but what the hell was Crackman pluggin' the frickin Yanks on sundays night opener for? they already got Trump, Crystal, Danza, shit David Wells was even pullin for them, why Don Cartegena? i understand the whole Boogie Down Bronx connection, but damn! he admitted on national television that losing game 7 last october was the saddest moment in his life...??? didnt his "boy" Big Pun pass away a few years back, and the Yanks getting clowned in game 7 was his saddest moment?, J-O-E is truly a yankee fan, that is mad pathetic...

Affirmative Action

Adolph Rupp--a boy after my own heart...playing the game the white, pardon me son, the right way... Posted by Hello

Patrick Sparks, the New South Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Since all the baby ballers hit the NBA fresh out of high school...white kids are makin' waves in the college game again, this resurgence has awaken the ghosts of the past...

Elite 8--Kentucky v. Michigan State -- the Patrick Sparks shot was the best since Laetner, but that was some white privledge shit if i have ever seen it...i wanted that ball to go in, but no black ball player will ever get that roll. not even a light skinned brother like rick fox... that had to be the racist hand of adolph rupp trying to make up for that Texas Western mishap...